The biggest global event in the area of entrepreneurship and technology, Web Summit, arrived to Lisbon and will stay with us for the next 3 years, at least. The Road 2 Web Summit promotes and supports projects that stand out in Portugal for their innovative potential and ensures them facilitated access to the event and the chance to join the entrepreneurial environment. The competition took place in Lisbon’s Beato Creative Hub, on the 21st September and 66 Startups were chosen to showcase their projects at Web Summit with an Alpha Pass and 8 winners will meet Political Leaders at the technology event. Startup Braga and Beta-i will be running exclusive bootcamps for the selected startups. More info here.


Get to know 66 startups that will represent Portugal at the Web Summit



PT has challenged start-ups to develop IoT (Internet of things) solutions based on its IoT platform. During the two days of IoT Challenge PT (19 and 20 October) entrepreneurs will be able to develop innovative, fast, scalable and flexible IoT solutions with PT’s services and platforms, or adapt and innovate their own IoT solutions. Startups, developers and integrators operating on the M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT market may issue their subscription until the 7th of October.
The three winning projects will win Alpha passes for the Web Summit 2016.


Because entrepreneurship and innovation are founded upon knowledge and learning, Born from Knowledge gathers a group of initiatives, based upon the actions of Students and Ideas, developed within the scope of the Web Summit.

Students - Web Summit will take place, for the fist time, in Lisbon, from November 7-10. Higher education students can enrol in the volunteer programme. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain work experience, take advantage of an impressive networking environment and attend Web Summit free. Volunteers are asked to complete three shifts, one shift per day. Shift times can vary but are usually between 5 to 6 hours.

IDEAS recognises and values the training and research environment of the Portuguese higher education institutions, which clearly demonstrates that the ability to innovate and an entrepreneurial spirit should be based on training, research and knowledge.

Winning IDEAS:

1| Audio-GPS - The GPS for indoor spaces

João Moutinho

Audio-GPS is a localization technology for indoor spaces. Its adoption is simple and effective because it depends on existing devices: a sound system in public spaces and a smartphone. It has immediate applicability in public spaces, such as shopping centres, museums or hospitals.

2| PictoPharma - Pharmaceutical Pictogram System

Benedita Camacho

PictoPharma is an innovative pharmaceutical pictogram system that advises users on the dangers and precautions to take and provides information related to medication, associated to various industry applications for a vast market that does not have a similar solution.

3| Mindreach

Nuno Loureiro, Fernando Santos and Vitor Paixão

Mindreach offers a system that reads brain signals combined with a game, which helps regulate brain activity through mental exercises, and also allows users to mentally control external devices.

4| LEDViser

João Pereira, Pedro Rocha, Rui Baptista and Sara Anjo

LEDViser is a wearable device that allows cyclists to indicate in advance their intention to turn or brake. It works by using the cyclists' organic movement: when the cyclists indicate their intention to turn with their arm, the respective indicator lights up: when the cyclists brake, slowing down triggers the STOP light. LEDViser aims to increase the visibility of cyclists on the street by increasing their ability to communicate with other road users and, thus, reduce road accidents.

5| Pitbox

Jimmy Martins, João Santos and Tiago Silva

Pitbox is a service that aims to reduce road accidents associated with the consumption of alcohol by placing "smart breathalysers" at strategic locations in cities, thus promoting responsible driving.

6| IdeaMovie

Rui Patrício

IdeaMove is a mobile app based on game mechanics which allows you to generate ideas in an agile and fun way. It facilitates the generation of good ideas for complex challenges, by more creative and innovative users.

7| Role of bioengineering and regenerative medicine in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) intra-articular reconstruction

David Ângelo

The  temporomandibular joint is responsible for maintaining basic functions such as chewing, speaking, yawning, swallowing and smiling. In advanced cases of the diseases of this joint, patients present a significant decline in their quality of life, being unable to maintain these functions. This project's main objective is to regenerate the joint's disc.

8| NeuroPsyCAD

Daniel Artur Abreu Martins

NeuroPsyCAD is a cloud.based platform that applies automatic learning techniques to brain connectivity data to assist, with the aid of a computer, in clinical decisions of neuropsychiatric disorders.

9| ARCHI Green +

Cláudia Oliveira

ARCHI Green+ aims to develop and implement vertical, horizontal and diagonal green organic facades, with green plants, flowers and aromatic herbs, reintroducing natural elements such as wood and cork into the world of Architecture and cities. Using a cloud system, it is directed towards private homes, offices, and public and private spaces. The product aims to be an integral part of Climate-Smart Cities. Save yourself and save your city.

10| RoomsCoimbra

Rafael Fernandes

A rental platform where Erasmus students can rent rooms and apartments. RoomsCoimbra is based on a database which consists of rooms and apartments that are available for rent and on the sharing economy, where a connection is established between Portuguese university students who are looking to earn some money in their free time, and Erasmus students who are looking for a place to stay.


Tickets to Web Summit. Immersion Programme promoted by ANI - National Agency for Innovation.


Web Summit Lisbon

The greatest conference about tech and entrepreneurship in the world will be taking place in Lisbon, in November 2016. Become a global success. 


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